Pheasant Hunting Kansas

               Ringneck Country, located in northwest Kansas, is the home to some of the country's best upland bird hunting.  Rex & Sandi Murray have done a magnificent job in creating a true bird hunting paradise. With well over 7,000 acres and some the finest natural upland bird habitat available today, Ringneck Country offers an excellent choice for hunting pheasant, quail and chuckar

We have guides and dogs available. You are also invited to bring your own dog if you wish. Our grounds provide a great place to spend a day in the field with your companion.

We cater to the individual hunter and small groups and do not over book.

              If your group books a hunt at Ringneck Country, rest assured that you will be the only hunters on  the grounds.

              We look forward to meeting you.              

              Day Hunt/Wild Birds Only: $125.00 per person.  Hunters are welcome for wild hunting areas only.  No birds released, no access to Controlled Shooting Areas.

              Guided Hunts:  Fees vary with group size.  Includes Ringneck Country's Vizsla dogs and one guide.  One guide per 4 hunters only please.  We hunt 2 dogs at a time.  In our world more than 4 guns per 2 dogs is distractive and not as enjoyable.  (Not including guide/handler.)Group & Corporate Hunts:

  Available and welcome.  Please contact us with the size of your party.  We can give you an idea of how many bird to release, areas to hunt, etc. to unsure a successful trip.  Special rates apply depending on party size and length of stay.  Extra birds in "ANY" quantity are available for release.  Please contact us for price on birds.  For groups, we will arrange to release birds in wild bird areas before you arrive with your group.

            Our native bird hunting area consists of an additional 5000 acres available in the regular kansas hunting season. We can only release birds in the wild hunting areas during this regular season. However we have 2800 acres which we can release birds for 7 months of the year. For thise who wish to only hunt wild birds, we have grounds to accommodate you as well.

            Ringneck country is not the traditional “put & take” operation. Our birds are released on a regular schedule to supplement the wild bird population. We also will pre-release birds as requested before or when you arrive “ as you request”, for large groups, or when you wish to ensure ample bird finding opportunities for family and friends.  

Over 2800 acres of ringneck country’s grounds are registered “kansas controlled shooting area”. This allows our hunting season to run from september 1 thru march 31. There are no limits on number of birds harvested....In all other areas, season opens the second weekend of november and runs thru the 31 of january.  


  Prairie dogs are also a favorite of our clients. There is no particular season for shooting prairie dogs.  The most popular time is in the  spring. The population of “towns” can vary year to year due to the county control of the prairie dogs.

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On Site Lodging

We are located in the northwest corner of Kansas just 20 miles from Colorado and 20 miles from Nebraska.  Just 3 hours east of Denver.  We can arrange hotel accommodations for you, plus we have RV and trailer hook-ups available.  RV hook-ups available (in season).

               On-site lodging features bunk house style lodging, full kitchen, bathroom/with shower and satellite TV.  Lodging can accommodate up to 8-10 people. 

Dog Training

We are very proud of the grounds we have made available for hunting as well as dog training.  We offer well kept grounds and plentiful with game so that we may provide a great place for bird dogs to learn.  We offer a couple options to assist in your dog training. We can make our grounds available for individuals to use in training their own dogs.  Here you can have the option of putting your dog on wild birds or use liberated birds in the process.  We can provide you with the birds you desire in your training sessions.

The other option is to allow us to assist your training process.  We offer a complete training regiment that will increase your chances for field success.

  We use a common sense training philosophy in an attempt to mold your dog into the hunting companion that you desire.  Through our process and our years of experience, we are able to get most dogs to favorable respond.